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Your Heart Sync With The Father's Love !!
You are valuable. You are strong. You are powerful. You have a seat at the Father's Table
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Heart Sync With Father's Love
With Dave and Theresa Croft
Why?: Because you want to be empowered in your purpose so you can go forward with confidence.
Why now?: Because you are tired of being stuck in the vicious cycle of fear and ready to be free so you can help others.
Why?: Because you are ready for breakthrough in so many areas of your life…from finances to health to relationships. You are ready for a KINGDOM approach.
Why now?: Because you need someone with a breakthrough calling to help you with your dream to work in an area you love so you can use your gift/skill to be an extraordinary solution to people's pain point.
Why now: Because you are sick of walking in the drama of the trauma.
Why now: Because you need to do something now for breakthrough before it’s too late.
Why now?: You Desire A Proven Prophetic Activation to understand your prophetic voice and how to walk in it.
Why now?: Because I want to surround myself with Kingdom people to speak life, encourage me, and be a source helping me for personal transformation.

Why now?: Because you need mentors to walk you through breakthrough for your marriage, your family, your marketplace venture, your life!
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6 Months Of Access To The Kingdom Mentor Academy Including 
"The Redeem Your Voice Camp!" 

Silver Plans Gets 3 Months Free Access
Value of $582
Other Bonus For Both Gold and Silver Plans Includes:
Revised Edition of Volume 1
Special Audio 21 Declarations
Tee Talk Series On Trauma
21 Day Prayer Devotional
These Addition Bonuses 
Valued at $597
Reasons To Upgrade To A Upper Level Mentoring Today:
No. 1— You lock in at a 50% discount forever. The price of Personal Mentoring Masters Programs has gone up 3 times since  2014. If you lock in the current rate, you won't have to pay higher prices when we decide to raise the price again. There are no upsells. You will receive access to Dave and Theresa for one hour mentoring sessions plus the bonuses of over 1,700!

No. 2— Learn what is means to walk in your spirit identity so you can be free of the "orphan spirit".

No. 3--Discover how fear in your life will be squashed by understanding your identity is founded on the truth of God’s love so you can not be frozen...

No. 4-- Find real steps to breakthrough in your identity which brings healing and you walking free of the trauma.

No. 5--Access to 24/7 to the teaching portal so you can watch at your own pace of learning

No. 6--Be a part of the private connection with Dave and Theresa so you can have a community that will believe in you, support you, and will be a real family/friends to you.

No. 7--Over come triggers of emotions so you can stay on track in your breakthrough to walking out your destiny.

No.8--Learn the power of inner unity with your spirit to your soul which results in peace and joy amidst your destiny.

No. 9--Learn the breakthrough in your spirit identity that relates more energy in your life to bring a strong foundation to your destiny

No 10--IMPARTATION: Be ACTIVATED in your prophetic voice, and gifts to be a solution to not only yourself and your family but in the world.

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Testimonies About Dave And Theresa Croft
Hi Friend, 

Find your voice! Share your voice! Market your voice!

Hello! My name is Theresa Croft

I’m an author with the devotional "Listen To The Vinedresser: 31 Declarations of Who You Are In The Vine" Volume 1 and 2.

I'm also a mentor and social media consultant passionate to help leaders leaders like you find their voice so they can be a catalyst for the Kingdom of God with the capacity to be an influencer in their sphere or calling.

For the past 10 years I have been helping leaders who know their purpose is wired into their very DNA with the fire and talents to coach, teach, speak, sing, write and create to spread their message.

My husband, Firebrand Dave, teams up with me to provide Extraordinary Solutions with Upper Level Mentoring featuring "The Heart Sync With The Father's Love". This also includes personal consulting and training to assist you on your journey so you can have a solid foundation to be a powerful messenger.

 I hope you'll take advantage of my free report/audio: 7 Keys To Help You Find Your Voice.

Better yet, take advantage of a limited offer for a Finding Your Voice Blueprint call mentioned above here on this page.

Talk soon!   

In the Vine,
Theresa Croft
Choose Freedom!
This Is An Exclusive Opportunity To Receive Mentoring To Help Propel You FORWARD In Your Purpose
Hear The Word From Clients...
"Theresa, thank you for being a repairer of the breach and the restorer of streets to dwell in! So many people are thankful for the impact you’ve had on their lives. All of the Vinedresser words are amazing. Exactly, they are timeless…Mighty, anointed words. I feel like you and Dave have been preparing the Land of victory for people..”"
Ryan & Jonell Betancur
Voice Camp/KMA
'I'm so in awe of what God is doing in and through Theresa . I remember The Holy Spirit showing me the Vinedresser about 4 years ago....This year he redirected me back and now I see why. At first HE wanted me to do a program....  to shed off my old habits, hurts and hangups stripping away my character defects, God calls them
 Now I can see and feel more of his filling in my life."
Jackie Walton
Voice Camp/KMA
"Ever since I met Theresa and Dave Croft, I have been so excited to be ministered by them. The teaching on identity has opened my eyes as to who I am in Christ. 
Truth speaks thru them by the word and thru prophecies from the Lord. I have changed and know now who I am. The devotional teachings and the sessions thru the Vinedresser has been helpful in my life. Love you both very much."
Elva Ramirez
Upper Level Father Sync/KMA

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